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Thu Feb 9 19:07:12 PST 2006

*/Kevin Kinsey <kdk at>/* wrote:

 > > Jose Jesus Ortega wrote:

 >>  I'm new to freeBSD and have window manager
 >> installed and working with firefox. I need
 >> help setting up the icons. When I install
 >> some from the ports or packages, I know what
 >> dictory they are in but they don't popup on
 >> the desktop automatically like firefox did.
 >> How do I add them to my desktop? thanks.

 > You'll need to specify which window manager you
 > "have installed" in order to give someone enough
 > information to assist with this.

 > "When I instal! l some" isn't very specific, either.

Jose Jesus Ortega wrote:

> I have the latest window manager, 0.92 (i think),
> the program I installed was "asfiles" in the freeBSD
> ports but can't see the ICON in the desktop. Its in
> /usr/ports/x11-fm/asfiles anyway I'snt it supposed to be an icon?

Well, "asfiles" is a file manager, not a "window manager".  The
latest version of "asfiles" seems to be 1.0, so perhaps you're
thinking of some other port, or your tree is slightly 'stale' (I
keep my ports tree updated with cvsup regularly).

Could you send the output of `pkg_info | grep -i window`, please?

Kevin Kinsey

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