installation of FreeBSD 6.0

gs_stoller at gs_stoller at
Thu Feb 9 13:35:50 PST 2006

	I have tried several ways to install  FreeBSD version 6.0  and all bomb the same way.
What happens is that I first get a message “Building the boot loader arguments” on one line, and shortly afterwards the message “Relocating the loader and the BTX” on another line.  After a delay of about 11 minutes, a third line appears containing the message “Starting the BTX loader”.  I let the system run for about an hour and a half but no more messages appeared, nor did the computer indicate that the installation had completed.
	The only thing in my machine that I think could be “not working” with the installation program is my  BIOS .  Here is all the information I have about my   BIOS  .  It names itself as “Energy Star Ally” written by Award Software Inc. and that it is an “Award Modular BIOS” with “Award Plug & Play BIOS extension v1.0A”.  Its ID is v4.6OPGMA  (the character between the "6" & the "P" is a vertical ellipse with a dot at its center, it is either  zero  or  oh ).

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