nforce2 digital audio output support? (or spdif support at all?)

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Thu Feb 9 10:45:02 PST 2006

Am Montag, 6. Februar 2006 21:54 schrieb FreeBSD Prospect:

> I was searching for more info about support for DOLBY DIGITAL pass-through
> to a digital audio output, but nothing recent came up.
> This matter seems to be a serious shortage in FreeBSD, because the only
> useable info which came up on was concerning NetBSD
> (, which is in
> German language). There something of an audio-layer is mentioned.
> Is it really possible, that NetBSD is ahead of FreeBSD in that particular
> matter?
> I have a workstation with Asus A7N8X-deluxe motherboard, which features the
> nforce2 chipset, and has an electrial digital audio output.
> On my first few tests with FreeBSD 6.0 (-RELEASE), after loading the
> snd_ich driver, I got analog sound working, but the digital output was not
> recognized and did not show up in sysctl.
> Any idea, if spdif support is already in -CURRENT, and if not, if somebody
> is working on that issue?

Now that's strange, I really thought, I am not the only one interested in 
being able to use a DOLBY DIGITAL signal output in FreeBSD.

Does really nobody here have a clue?


A FreeBSD Prospect, who is actually using Gentoo Linux

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