A script for poets

Urs Schroffenegger urs-on-debian-list at lampshade.ch
Thu Feb 9 01:36:59 PST 2006

Kristian Vaaf wrote:

> Hello!
> Again with my script requests, this time I'm wondering if anybody
> has ever felt like writing a shell script that makes it easy to write 
> rhymes,
> poems or just make up funny lines.
> http://www.rhymer.com is a great place, but unfortunately it requires 
> a browser.
> Or maybe this is a feature that extends beyond the purpose of shell 
> scripting,
> and that maybe for such I should start looking into languages like Ruby?
> Hoping for generous expert advise.
> Thank you, peasants and poets :)
> Vaaf (wuff)
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writing sentences isn't an easy task for a program, because you need 
some understanding of the meaning of the sentence and some times a good 
grab of the peculiar grammar quirks of a language. Have a look at google 
translate to have an example of the results :-D

A rhyming dictionnary should be possible to do, with a database of 
syllabes and pronunciation, but you need to fill the database first...

For writing funny sentences, have a look at the "polygen" program: it 
writes sentences according to a defined grammar:
I know it has a debian package and works under macosx and windows, so I 
don't think there should be problems compiling it under freebsd.
The main site is in italian, though, I haven't found an english version.


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