need help setting up a new partition

Peter petermatulis at
Wed Feb 8 20:43:55 PST 2006

--- Conrad Sabatier <conrads at> wrote:

> On 09-Feb-2006 Peter wrote:
> > Hi everybody,
> > 
> > I have a dual-boot arrangement with Win2k (on the first and second
> > partition) and FreeBSD 5.4 (on the third partition).  I am willing to
> > sacrifice the second partition and give it over to FreeBSD as I am
> > lacking space there.  I'm just not sure how to proceed.
> Use sysinstall to delete the partition and then re-create it as ufs.

I tried your suggestion but I cannot write to disk.  I posted a screenshot

I tried booting into single-user mode but still no dice.


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