Tracking Security in Ports and Base System

Chris Hill chris at
Wed Feb 8 18:30:33 PST 2006

On Wed, 8 Feb 2006, Chris Maness wrote:

>> Much simpler: just track RELENG_your_release to get security updates 
>> and bug fixes and nothing else. For example, mine is RELENG_5_4 and 
>> therefore tracks 5.4-RELEASE.
> Is there a way to rebuild just the packages updated?  Or does the 
> whole tree have to be rebuilt?

The part you quoted was referring to the system, not ports/packages.

Packages, by definition, are already built - you just install them.

Rebuilding the ports tree is yet another matter. When you cvsup ports, 
you get the (possibly updated) Makefiles and so forth, but the tree that 
gets updated is only the structure of the /usr/ports hierarchy. No 
source is downloaded, and nothing gets rebuilt, until you do a 
portupgrade, or `make deinstall' followed by `make reinstall' for a 
particular port.

My usual routine involves `portupgrade -aRr', but that only upgrades the 
ports that have changed; it doesn't rebuild *everything*.

Again, if you're doing packages, there is no building involved.

Hope this has been sufficiently obfuscated  :^)

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