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Ken Stevenson ken at
Wed Feb 8 16:55:07 PST 2006

fbsd_user wrote:
> Ken
> Thanks that helps a lot.
> Only thing missing is what is ssh login syntax to login from the
> remote FreeBSD pc?
> Can I also remotely login as root on sshd server system?
> I guess the setup instructions are with the putty pgm for ssh access
> from windows/xp
On the freebsd machine:

ssh hostname

The first you connect, you'll be prompted to confirm you're sure about 
the identity of the host you're connecting to.

Assuming you assigned a passphrase to your key using ssh-keygen, 
you'll have to enter the passphrase.

For putty, go to the SSH | Auth tab and select the private rsa2 key 
created with puttygen. Enter your username in the Auto-login username 
field on the Connection tab.

Enter the host name, then click the save button to save the profile. 
Then just double click on the profile name to connect. If you 
previously cached the private key with pageant, you won't have to 
enter a passphrase.

Ken Stevenson
Allen-Myland Inc.

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