Large imap server.

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Wed Feb 8 12:22:09 PST 2006

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006, Albert Shih wrote:
> Le 07/02/2006 à 16:26:42-0800, Bill Campbell a écrit
>> On Tue, Feb 07, 2006, Albert Shih wrote:
>> >Hi all
>> >
>> >I search some advice for large imap server.
>> >
>> >For me large is : 1000 users with 1 Go mails for each users. And every
>> >users check by imap/pop those mail every 2 or 3 minutes.
>> >
>> >What's the «best» imap server ? Cyrus Imap or Courier-Imap ? (please this
>> >is not a troll).
>> I prefer Courier-imap because it uses Maildir storage while Cyrus
>> uses something similar in that it stores each message in a file,
>> but Cyrus also maintains index files which can get corrupted.
>Yes this is I known, but many «voice» tel me the Cyrus imap is for very
>huge. But I don't known what's mean «very huge»...
>> We have several systems running courier-imap with 6000+ mailboxes
>> on a single server without problems.
>And how many mail have every mailboxes ?
>Whith courier-imap when the user check this mail every 1-2 minutes anyone
>known if the courier-imap daemon check only on 
>	Maildir/new
>or the daemon check also every
>	Maildir/mailbox1/new
>	Maildir/mailbox2/new 

I think that depends on the e-mail client.  The default INBOX for
courier is $HOME/Maildir/{cur,new,tmp}, and each folder will be
in $HOME/Maildir/.foldername/{cur,new,tmp}.  The client issues
the IMAP commands to check folders.

POP clients will only see the default INBOX, and these tend to
download the new messages on every connection leaving the
mailboxes empty.

IMAP clients tend to stay connected for extended periods of time
(as I found when using WHOSON to permit mail relaying by
connecting clients, and modified the whoson processing to update
the daemon server on every authenticated IMAP command).

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