BIND zone transfers

Tim Utschig tim at
Wed Feb 8 08:45:52 PST 2006

On Wed, Feb 08, 2006 at 12:45:02PM -0000, jhall at wrote:
> Under FreeBSD 4.8 BIND was making zone transfers normally.  In my network,
> Windows 2000 is the master and bind is the salve.  Recently, the server
> was upgraded to FreeBSD 6.0, and suddenly BIND stopped making zone
> transfers, except for the first zone, which is transferred just as it
> should be.  Zone transfers are taking place from a W2K server.  I am
> seeing this problem with BIND 9.3.2 and BIND 9.3.1

Saw this in the BIND FAQ, maybe it applies to your situation:

Q: Zone transfers from my BIND 9 master to my Windows 2000 slave fail.

A: This may be caused by a bug in the Windows 2000 DNS server where DNS
   messages larger than 16K are not handled properly. This can be worked
   around by setting the option "transfer-format one-answer;".  Also
   check whether your zone contains domain names with embedded spaces or
   other special characters, like "John\032Doe\213s\032Computer", since
   such names have been known to cause Windows 2000 slaves to
   incorrectly reject the zone. 

   - Tim Utschig <tim at>

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