BIND zone transfers

jhall at jhall at
Wed Feb 8 04:45:05 PST 2006

I have been running BIND for several years in the Regional Offices I
maintain and the problem in one office has me confused and I'm not sure
where to look.

Under FreeBSD 4.8 BIND was making zone transfers normally.  In my network,
Windows 2000 is the master and bind is the salve.  Recently, the server
was upgraded to FreeBSD 6.0, and suddenly BIND stopped making zone
transfers, except for the first zone, which is transferred just as it
should be.  Zone transfers are taking place from a W2K server.  I am
seeing this problem with BIND 9.3.2 and BIND 9.3.1

I am using the same configuration file in two other offices without any
problems and the offices are configured identically (hardware, software,

Traceroutes to, and from, the Windows 2000 Server show the proper routes
being taken both directions and response times from the servers range
between 36ms and 40ms.

Event Viewer on the Windows 2000 server shows Event 6002 and the text
indicates the remote computer aborted the transfer and the transfer should
be restarted at the secondary.  When restarting the transfer the same
results are achieved.  The Windows 2000 Server's DNS is configured to
allow BIND secondaries.

The FreeBSD server has two interfaces which are controlled by mpd (DSL and
VPN).  When running named -g, I see the transfers start (zone XXXX.XXX/IN:
Transfer started), but receive a message later, 30-45 minutes, stating the
transfer timed out.  The zones I am transferring contain less than 100
entries each.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
in advance for your assistance.


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