Automounter support for smbfs

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Tue Feb 7 22:15:41 PST 2006

Hi there,
I want to use automounter with samba shares on a remote server. I can
connect with mount_smbfs just fine, but I would like the same behaviour
with amd as if using NFS : /host/SMB_SERVER/SHARE/...

the amd port (sysutils/am-utils)website mentions support for SMBFS via
the 'program' option, but I cannot find references to this in amd base
(man amd.conf show nothing of the sort).

Do I have to install am-utils, replacing amd from base system to get
this functionality?

FWIW, this works out of the box in OS-X (after adding the smb share
details by hand)

thanks in advance,

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