[WISH] Linux kernel as drop-in replacement in FreeBSD?

cpghost cpghost at cordula.ws
Tue Feb 7 13:47:07 PST 2006


since Linux' support for some hardware is better than FreeBSD's,
it would be nice to have an *optional* way of running a FreeBSD
system (userland, including all third party programs) on top
of the Linux kernel.

This would be somewhat the reverse of /boot/kernel/linux.ko,
some kind of adaptation layer between Linux kernel and our libc,
loader etc...

If we had this feature (perhaps as a port), it would be
convenient to boot into Linux kernel when FreeBSD-non-supported
hardware is needed; of course keeping FreeBSD kernel as the
default, high-performance optimized one for all normal cases.

Perhaps someone's already working on this, but I can't find
any hints or pointers to it.


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