Samba and fstab

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Feb 7 11:30:31 PST 2006

A. Clausen wrote:

> Slowly educating myself in FreeBSD.  Have managed
> to get Samba set up and can access my FreeBSD server,
> but trying to get SMBFS shares mounted in fstab is
> causing me grief.  Either I get errors about invalid
> file system or I get nothing at all when I issue
> "mount -a", but the share still isn't mounted.  I've
> tried adding some info to nsmb.conf, but that
> doesn't seem to make much difference.

I'd think that the contents of /etc/fstab, a short
sample of the command with the error message (e.g.
"cut-n-pasted" CLI transcript), and perhaps even
a little more explanation might go a ways in helping
someone to help you.

> I'm running FreeBSD 6 and Samba 3.0.14a.

On both systems?

Kevin Kinsey

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