Adaptec AIC7901 and Striping

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Tue Feb 7 07:31:05 PST 2006

Necati Ersen Siseci <siseci at> writes:

> I have a Asus Xeon server with Adaptec AIC 7901 SCSI card and two discs.
> I made a RAID configuration for stripping two disks (RAID 0)
> When I try to install FreeBSD 5.4. FreeBSD still see two different
> discs( da0 and da1).
> Do you have any idea about this problem?

Sounds like that adapter isn't supported on 5.4.
There is a lot of new RAID support in newer branches of FreeBSD, but I
don't know what hardware is actually in that card to tell whether it
should work now.  

You should try 6.0 (or, preferably, one of the prerelease versions of
6.1), and maybe talk to the driver maintainers.

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