Multiple routes to same destination?

Ian Lord lordi at
Tue Feb 7 04:22:36 PST 2006


this is not a scientific answer, but since no one 
else replied, here is what I found a while ago...

When I installed Freebsd 6, i did a lot of 
reseach/posting and found out that there is no 
way freebsd will handle multiple routes to the same destination
I was hoping to have two default routes for 
redundancy (and if possible, load balancing)

I never heard of a kernel patch, and if there was 
one, I wouldn't feel confident with it (just my opinion)

I then went with a routing package (there is 
zebra and quagga) which kinda did the trick. (I 
used quagga since I had some problem setting up zebra from the ports).

It works fine but adds a level of routing that 
could have been handled by the kernel I guess.

At 20:51 2006-02-06, Webster, Andrew wrote:
>Does FreeBSD 5.x, or 6.0 support multiple routes to the same
>I saw some kernel patches a while back for this on 4.x, but I'd like to
>run something more recent...
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