xine and missing libdpstk

Ben Paley ben at
Mon Feb 6 23:32:24 PST 2006

> Am 05.02.2006 um 06:43 schrieb Gary Kline:
> > 	I'm trying to build xine and find troubles with a missing
> > 	library, libdpstk.  I'm clueless re this DPS lib.  Anybody?
> /usr/ports/UPDATING  entry 20060126
> regards
> tilman

Am I missing something? /usr/ports/UPDATING seems to be talking about 
installed ports that complain at run time about missing libraries - that 
isn't the problem here. The problem with libxine is that it won't compile in 
the first place without libdpstk, so to "reinstall" as advised is impossible.


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