device psm0

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Feb 6 19:00:03 PST 2006

WSteffen wrote:
> I am trying to setup my first FreeBSD system on a Pentium 3
> system with a PS/2 mouse. The problem is I show no psm0 device
> in the /dev directory. When I use sysinstall to configure the
> mouse, the test portion fails. I do have a sysmouse in the /dev
> directory, but it appears useless.
> How do I create psm0? How should it have been created in the
> first place?
> Any help would be appreciated!
> Warren Steffen
> wsteffen at
Try just using the default value. I'm not sure why but the mouse stuff 
never worked for me until I rebooted the machine =\.

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