Possibility to submit requests for new ports?

Charles Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Feb 6 13:26:40 PST 2006

On Feb 6, 2006, at 4:07 PM, FreeBSD Prospect wrote:
> I was wondering, if there is any communication channel to request  
> new ports.

Yes, the freebsd-ports mailing list.

> I mean, isn't it likely, that a FreeBSD user (not a codergeek able  
> to create
> ports himself) is looking for some software, which is available  
> open-source
> for Linux, but hasn't been ported yet?

Well, there are ~ 14,000 ports already available.
Most people find software they want already ported via this page,  
Freshports, etc:


> Wouldn't it be useful, to have an own mailing list for that?
> Or is freebsd-ports thought to be suiteable for that matter (I am  
> subscribed
> to that mailing-list, but didn't see much traffic until now, and no  
> port
> requests at all)?

Requests for new software to be ported happens about once a week.   
Most ports are created or changed without traffic to that list; it  
gets busier if there are problems, especially with an important port  
that many things depend upon...


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