Adding psuedo-terminals FreeBSD 5.4

Grant Noruschat grant at
Mon Feb 6 11:47:05 PST 2006

I have been unable to find any real instructive information on how to
increase the total number of tty/pty pairs in /dev. I have an authpf
gateway box that requires more than the default 62 terminals for ssh
connections. Since both mknod and MAKEDEV are deprecated functions
(MAKEDEV doesn't come with and although mknod is available, its use only 
creates tty's, not pty's) and all the documentation I have found says
that devfs 'does everything', nowhere can I see specific instructions
as to where or how to increase the default number of pty/tty's in 
devfs.conf or through the use of devfs.rules.

I would like to set it up to accept at the maximum 256 ssh suthpf 

Any and all suggestions would be most appreciated.


Grant Noruschat

Systems and Network Analyst
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Alberta          
Edmonton, AB                  
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