ICH7 + RAID = AHCI trouble

Skye Poier skye at f4.ca
Mon Feb 6 10:41:17 PST 2006

Do you have

device ataraid

in your kernel config?  I have embedded LSI RAID in an Intel server and 
it's supported by that driver.


Joerg Pulz wrote:
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> Hi,
> i recently bought a new server with an Intel ICH7 chipset and embedded 
> LSI Raid.
> I set the SATA mode in the BIOS to RAID. After that, i was able to 
> configure a RAID1 array using the Controllers BIOS.
> Unfortunately, FreeBSD isn't seeing any of the installed HDs.
> I tried to change the BIOS settings for SATA in the BIOS to all 
> available methods (RIAD, AHCI, NATIVE) with no success.
> The only setting that makes FreeBSD able to see the HDs is COMPATIBLE, 
> but i loose the PATA channel if i use it, which is definitely not what i 
> want.
> I tried the above with 6.0-RELEASE and RELENG_6 from "Thu Feb  2 
> 18:32:06 CET 2006".
> I took a closer look into the RELENG_6 ata(4) code and found the 
> following line in ata-chipset.c :
>      { ATA_I82801GB_R1, 0, AHCI, 0x00, ATA_SA300, "ICH7" }
> After i changed this line to :
>      { ATA_I82801GB_R1, 0,    0, 0x00, ATA_SA300, "ICH7" }
> i was able to detect the two HDs AND the configured RAID1 array. I could 
> use fdisk(8) and bsdlabel(8) to set up the disk and can finally use it.
> Unfortunately, i can only use two disk, as all other channels do NOT 
> appaer in FreeBSD, i think this is related to my change in the source, 
> as previously all channels where available, but without HDs.
> I would really like to use the other channels too.
> One problem could be the "RAID or AHCI enabled - detection code" in 
> ata_chipset.c (rev in RELENG_6) below line 1660, but i'm not 
> sure.
> Is there any chance we can track this down to make it working in a 
> general way, without the need to change the sources everytime i've 
> cvsupped my source tree?
> I'm glad to help wherever i can to solve this issue.
> regards
> Joerg
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