how do I create partitions?

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This is a windows question.
You say nothing about putting FreeBSD on the pc.
Windows has it's own fdisk program.
Create a bootable windows floppy and copy fdisk and format programs
to the floppy.
Boot from the floppy and run  fdisk /mbr to rewrite the mbr record.
or just use the fdisk pgm to allocate your partitions and then
then, doing this will recreate the mbr record also.
One very inportant note. Doing this will shit can you windows system
on the hard drive and you will have to do a reinstall or a stand
alone dos restore of your ghost backup if you have that software

The windows install cd has as its first option to run fdisk to
partition your hard drive.

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Peter schrieb:

> Given that, on a windows client, I have backed up the partition
the OS and
> its applications reside on.
> Given that the client's disk becomes unusable.
> Given that I can recreate the correct partition size and type with
> CD.
> What is the best way to set up the MBR of the windows client so it
> boot?  An aborted Windows install?

I'm not sure what you are trying to do. sysinstall's fdisk programm
which is on the CD writes suitable boot code to the MBR if you want

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