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Christopher Sean Hilton chris at
Sun Feb 5 12:11:01 PST 2006

Is there a reason that the gnome 2 ports don't use the conflicts
mechanism to avoid completely hosing an existing gnome 2 install? On
Friday I came across a gimp script-fu which would slice an image into
pieces and output html that rendered the complete image as a
table. But it was written in python and my gimp doesn't understand
python-fu. Well I figured that it would be a simple matter to:

     # cd /usr/ports/graphics/gimp; make config

and tell the the port that I wanted to use python plugins. And then a

     # make

would either build the package or _harmlessly_ barf trying. Well, it
did barf but only after it had installed gnome2-vfs-2.12.x.x or
sumsuch and about 5 or six other gnome2-2.12 ports on top of my
working gnome2-2.10.x.x installation. Obviously this rendered the
installed gnome2-2.10 ports on my box inoperable in very difficult to
debug ways.

Would a CONFLICTS entry in the apropriate make files have stopped the
gnome overbuilds and left my system in a working state?

Also please don't get me wrong. I planned to update my laptop from
5.4-STABLE to 6.0-STABLE later this week. But this problem means that
I'm without my laptop for a client visit and mailserver build which is
not making me very happy.

-- Chris

P.S. I glad to post a bug report an fling this email in the direction
of the port maintainers. Heck I think I could even script the process
of updating the Makefiles given enough time.

Chris Hilton                                   chris-at-vindaloo-dot-com
                "All I was doing was trying to get home from work!"
                                                 -- Rosa Parks
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