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Sun Feb 5 06:41:49 PST 2006

    Hello, my name is Eduard Suica, and I'm representing RadGs Software. We developed a new Programming Language called Concept (visit our website <= made in Concept) . Concept is a language (Object Oriented) wich wants to develop server-side applications, but NOT only Web applications (like php). It makes it possible to develop fully "desktop-style" applications, that run on server-side, with an interface "piped" to the Client (on a network, Internet, etc). Our server is FreeBSD 6 and we had very good results. It was compiled on FreeBSD, and works just fine. We are interested on including Concept platform on FreeBSD distribution. Concept it's free, under a freeware licence. We are still to decide if it will be "Open source" or "partially open source" ... (with some "obfuscated" code to protect the kernel). How ever, we'll assume responsabilty over it.

An applications is for Concept what a database is for a database server. Something like an "Application server".

My regards,
Eduard Suica


RadGs Software CEO
T: ++40722-542969
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