ftpd: Passive mode isn't working

Kristian Vaaf vaaf at broadpark.no
Sun Feb 5 03:45:13 PST 2006

At 22:20 04.02.2006, fbsd_user wrote:
>Saying ftp is not working, is not enough of a description.
>Give details of how you are testing ftp to say its not working.
>In /etc/inetd.conf the tcp6 is for a experimental protocol, if
>you are not using it on purpose then those statements should be
>commented out so they are not active.
>You should also comment out the ftp-proxy until you have ftp
>Turn off your firewall during ftp testing.

ftp is working.
Active mode works, passive mode doesn't.

This has nothing to do with IPv6.
If it had I would have said so.

Without ftp-proxy, ftp won't work at all. 

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