Invisible port 80

Robin Becker robin at
Sun Feb 5 02:15:08 PST 2006

Robert Huff wrote:
> Robin Becker writes:
>>  >> I am in the process of setting up a pair of freebsd 6.0 servers with 
>>  >> different hosting services. On one of the servers I cannot seem to 
>>  >> access the apache server which I have started. I can access port 80 on 
>>  >> the machine itself using the machine IP address, but from my office 
>>  >> port 80 seems invisible. The other machine works exactly as expected.
> 	Firewall??
yes, but on the server or the facility? I'm sure I haven't configured 
any rules, but where would I find them if they were configured in the 
image that was used to set up the machine.
Robin Becker

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