Any good OpenGL games?

Alastair G. Hogge agh at
Sat Feb 4 20:44:18 PST 2006

On Sunday 05 February 2006 12:06, Xn Nooby wrote:
> I have a P4 2Ghz with an nVidia card, so I installed the nVidia driver. 
> I'm currently installing 'linux-enemyterritory' which I think will work.  I
> didn't know if there were any other good ones.  Is flightgear or gl117 any
> good?
I just installed jfduke3d and downloaded the high res texture pack...brings an 
old great game back to life.

> I also have wine on my system, is it difficult to get windows opengl games
> to run?
OpenGL MS-Windows games under Wine seem to work ok. 
DirectX games are a little slow in my opinion.

> I've heard of cedega on linux, but would rather roll my own free 
> solution if possible (or copy someone elses method).
> Playing "Call of Duty" would be ideal, or maybe Return to Castle
> Wolfenstein.
RtCW under Wine runs fines...most id games do I think. Also there is Linux 
binary of RtCW which is probably a better method then Wine.


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