freebsd as ghosting server for windows boxen

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If you are talking about running Norton ghost on your ms/window
and wanting to use a FreeBSD box as the common storage area to hold
the ghost images.

Option 1. Change your ms/windows boxes single hard drive partition
into two partitions, C: for the operating system
and d: for the target of the ghost backup. Then use ftp to copy the
back up image to your FreeBSD box.

Option 2. You can install from the ports system the port called
this provides network file and device sharing with ms/windows
The you will be able to run your ms/windows system ghost back up and
your FreeBSD's hard drive to store the image file. This solution is
ok as
long as you do not destroy your ms/windows hard drive to the point
where it
will not boot. The ghost pc-dos bootable disk will not know about
samba so
you will not be able to restore your saved image directly from
samba. If you
have the widows box hard drive partitioned into c & d, you could
always keep
the most current ghost image there on the d: drive and on FreeBSD as
a fall safe.

Option 3. I believe the most current version of ghost is now UNIX
You will have to read the ghost manual for details.

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Peter wrote:
> What is the best way to use FreeBSD (6.0) as a centralized server
to ghost
> windows client images over the network?  I have been thinking of
g4u and
> there is the commercial acronis.  Any suggestions out there?
> --
> Peter
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