Alternative to Running Portupgrade -rf In Upgrade of expat2

Bob Perry rperry at
Sat Feb 4 15:25:17 PST 2006

Conrad Sabatier wrote:
> On 04-Feb-2006 Bob Perry wrote:
>> /usr/ports/UPDATING recommends that users of textproc/expat2
>> run portupgrade -rf textproc/expat2 to properly update expat2 and all of 
>> its dependencies.  Am I correct in that I should be able to run 
>> portupgrade on the dependencies individually once identified?
> Sure, you could upgrade the dependent ports manually, if you wish.
> I'd suggest doing a "pkg_info -R gettext\*" and saving the resulting list
> of dependencies, so you'll have an easy reference.
Think I'll run portaudit first and go on from there.
>> I have 48 dependencies on one box and 151 on another and only use a 
>> dialup service.  Disconnections are common and can be a real problem in 
>> this situation.
> Are the two boxes networked together?  If so, you could have the distfiles
> directory on one machine and mount it on the other via NFS, thereby
> avoiding the need to download to each machine separately.
One box is more of a server and the other functions primarily as my 
FreeBSD desktop machine which also runs Suse Linux and XP operating 
systems.  Hoping to learn something with this setup.

Will need to look into your suggestion of sharing a distfile directory.

This particular issue with expat caught me by surprise.  I upgraded 
expat2 last week and wasn't aware of any problem but did run into an 
unexpected problem with the gnome desktop which hasn't been resolved 
yet.  Maybe expat2 was involved.

Thanks everyone,

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