Reliability of GELI after unclean shutdowns

Norberto Meijome freebsd at
Sat Feb 4 15:20:54 PST 2006

Hi there,
I am planning to use GELI on a file-backed device on my laptop. Given 
that this laptop (toshiba tecra a2) regularly (about 40% of the time) 
crashes when doing apm -z (either when doing shutdown OR coming back 
from it), i'm a bit concerned about data loss on the encrypted volume 
due to an unclean shutdown.

Is GELI more prone to losing files than the normal UFS2 filesystem?

I considered unmounting the device via the rc.suspend (or apmd.conf, 
since I'm using apm) and back up when resume...but that would basically 
mean close all my work in progress, which is less than ideal.

As a side note, if anyone knows any trick / method / idea to reduce the 
crashes thanks to APM (or ACPI, i'd *love* to be able to use it instead 
of apm), PLEASE let me know :)

Thanks in advanced for your time,  hints and help


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