Why does portsdb -Uu run so long?

Xn Nooby xnooby at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 14:56:53 PST 2006

By the looks of it when you cvsup you get everything (src-all,
> ports-all, etc) all at once. I think it might be better if you split
> that into two sup-files where you would have one for the system,
> src-all, and the other one for ports. This way you don't have to
> rebuild the system every time you update your ports, this also works
> the other way around. Once a branch is cut and declared -STABLE the
> libraries used to make your programs work are rarely changed, If it
> does change they will tell you in /usr/src/UPDATING. For the sake of
> troubleshooting it helps if you don't change everything all at once.

I thought that maybe by changing everything at once, I would avoid
mismatched libraries.

Someone should write a book on all this stuff, and explain it thoroughly,
with various case examples.  When I use the old slow way, I never get an
error - when I use portsnap, I do.  This makes me inclined to never use
portsnap, regardless of how fast it is.

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