Question about write failure during install

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Sat Feb 4 13:13:04 PST 2006

On 2/3/06, Kevin Kinsey <kdk at> wrote:
> Rick Hubbard wrote:
> >I am tryin got install FreeBSD on a 380D IBM Thinkpad.  I get my three
> >floppies to load get a write failure, filesystem is full error when the
> >about 40% of the load is done from the first .iso disc.  The /mnt/usr file
> >is set to 84 MB by default and the swap file is 115 MB.  I have tried to
> >resize the mnt/usr/ file but can't figure out how to do it.
> >
> >The computer has a 2GB HD and 80MB memory
> >
> How are you partitioning the disk?
> A 2GB HDD is probably "barely sufficient" for anything but
> the "base install" unless you really have studied and planned
> your installation ... so be careful what distribution packs
> you ask for.  I'd leave X Windows out, and probably the
> ports tree, too, until I knew I had enough space (e.g.,
> after the base system was operational and I could use
> dh(1) and du(1), amongst other things.
> IIRC, there's a sysinstall option for "the smallest configuration
> possible".  Try that one?

If you're using a default partitioning, 2G just isn't enough.
It (them) want(s) to set the /var partition at ~1G, which
for a desktop is absurd.

/ 180M newfs -U -O2 -b 8192 -f 1024 -i 2048
swap 200M
/var 80M
/tmp 200M
/usr all the rest (1.3G or so, should be enough for X, not enough
to build world, though)

The newfs stuff is for custom options so you don't run out of inodes
whilst installing, which can happen with the defaults and less than
500M or so of root.


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