SnortCenter2 on FBSD?

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> Is anyone using SnortCenter2
> ( on FreeBSD?  I see
> there's a Linux agent but not a FBSD.  Maybe it works with FBSD Linux
> emulation?  Not finding any docs on this via Google.  Just looking for a
> little encouragement and direction before heading down this path.  Any
> suggestions appreciated.
I just downloaded, unpacked and ran the installs on both parts (sensor and 

They installed just fine.  The sensor is written in perl and "knows about" 
FreeBSD (but only up to version 5.0, which is a little behind).  During 
setup you'll be prompted for the OS you're using and its version.  It runs 
fine on my 5.4 box.

The console is written in php and requires nothing more than creating a 
directory, editing your httpd.conf file and running the setup program 
through your web browser (if you don't already have your db setup.)

It doesn't look like there's much to it, but I've never used it, so I can't 
really say how well it works or whether it's worthwhile.  It *does* use its 
own copy of webmin, and runs its own webserver on an unprivileged port.  I 
personally don't care for *any* tool that allows admins to access a box 
through a web interface to do administrative work, but that's personal 
preference.  Your situation may be completely different from mine, and your 
risk factors may be completely different from mine.

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