Natively supported inexpensive RAID cards

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>> Subject: Natively supported inexpensive RAID cards
>> I'm looking to setup a 4 drive SATA RAID 5 file server for mp3, avi,
>> and other media using 6.0-RELEASE.
>> It appears that the supported SATA RAID cards listed in
>> /stand/help/HARDWARE.TXT are all over $400.00.  That's hard for to
>> justify for this application, unless there are no other choices.
>> I'd like to keep this simple, so if the price for that is $450
>> bucks, well, I guess I'll have to deal with that.  But, I figured it
>> wouldn't hurt to ask if are there any well supported SATA RAID cards
>> (meaning setup automatically recognizes an array setup in the RAID
>> card's BIOS as one drive) in the $100 to $200 range.  I don't need
>> anything other than 5, but other levels would be nice for future
>> use.  Even better would be a motherboard with onboard RAID that
>> FreeBSD supported natively. 
>> If there aren't any such cards or motherboards, are there relatively
>> easy work-arounds using less expensive cards?
> Have you considered software RAID5?
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I have, and I use it for a RAID 1 server I'm running now.

For this application I think hardware makes it more sense.  My gut feel is
that it will probably be faster, for RAID 5, to do it in hardware.  Am I

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