guru at Sisis.de guru at Sisis.de
Fri Feb 3 07:26:24 PST 2006


I've installed jabberd-2.0.9 from the ports collection and it
works fine to connect with Psi, register and chatting; I'm
unable (or I don't know how) to bring up conferencing with this
so that three or more can share the same chat room;

there are also in the ports some older jabberd (1.4) and some
jabber-conferencing, but this is not for jabberd-2.0.9, or I'm wrong?

Can someone give me a light on this? Thx.


PS: Psi does not come with documentation and the web site
http://psi-im.org/wiki/ does not work for me because there is
somehow a problem with konqueror and their web anti spam block :-(

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