How do I download an older version of PDF Handbook

Eric Schultz eric at
Fri Feb 3 06:57:01 PST 2006

Good morning...

Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> A newer version of the Handbook won't necessarily have less information
> relevant to your system; just more information relevant to later
> versions.

I seem to remember reading a thread in freebsd-docs that discussed 
forking the book when things changed between versions.

> I suppose the easiest way to do it would be to extract it from the docs
> collection of an install disk.  You'll need a tar program for your
> Windows box and a program that understands the compression scheme used
> on the tarball.  The tarball is split(1) into a bunch of files for
> packaging convenience, but I think the Windows "copy" command can handle
> that.  

Yup that worked, thanks!

ISOBuster to extract the doc directory from the 4.7-mini ISO

copy doc.* /B doc.tgz (note the /B to indicate binary was important, 
without it I ended up with a 20 byte .tgz file)

and then 7-Zip to extract the files I wanted.

Thanks again.

Headed for the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning...

   Eric Schultz
   (aka Storkman)


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