dhclient in 6.0

make stuff up kalin at el.net
Fri Feb 3 03:58:40 PST 2006

> There was a change in DHCP between FreeBSD 5.x and 6.
> I noticed the same behaviour with a couple of hw broadband routers.
> AFAIR this was also reported back to the list, still no fix was
> provided.

  thank you...  does that mean back to 5.4 for now?
  this is the only system i have on the laptop and travel a lot....

  i thought 6 has been out for a while now.... i mean stuff like dhclient
is pretty basic..

  thanks again...

> Cheers,
> Marcin.
> PS. questions at freebsd.org and freebsd-questions at freebsd.org is the same
> list. The first one has this name becouse of compatibility with
> former setup of mailing list names.

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