FreeBSD 6.0: Building and installing i386 kernel and world from amd64 environment

fbsdmlist fbsdmlist at
Fri Feb 3 03:07:55 PST 2006

Hello List,

I have FreeBSD 6.0 amd64 CDs and need to build i386 system.

My actions after installing FreeBSD from CD:

boot in single user mode

# cd /usr/src
# make buildworld TARGET_ARCH=i386
# make buildkernel TARGET_ARCH=i386
# make installkernel TARGET_ARCH=i386
# make installworld TARGET_ARCH=i386

Here I got error with lib/libncurses: "unsupported file layout"

Whether exists ways to build 32-bit system (kernel and world) in 64-bit environment?

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