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david bryce davidbryce at
Thu Feb 2 18:58:01 PST 2006

On Feb 1, 2006, at 9:16 PM, david bryce wrote:

> It looks like someone has installed the ssh2 package on this machine
> (using "pkg_add -r ssh2"). So this is not a standard freebsd ssh
> installation. In fact, testing on another box with freebsd 6, I
> can connect with Putty using public key authentication. Does
> anyone know how to get the standard ssh to work on this machine
> without upsetting things too much? It is currently running a
> mail server and cvs, so I'm ginger about doing anything radical
> on it. Doing a ps -ax shows that it's sshd2 that is running, and
> not sshd. But the binaries ARE there for sshd. Except the
> hostkey doesn't seem to be there. Could fixing this be as simple
> as creating a hostkey for sshd as well, and running it on a
> different port than sshd2 is running on?

Hi All,

We finally got everything to work using sshd2 (the other option
was to remove sshd2 and use sshd, but we got sshd2 to work). All
we had to do was generate the key on the server instead of using
puttygen (with "ssh-keygen2"), then put a line pointing to the
public key in the ".ssh2/authorization" file. Then we copied the
private key to the windows boxes, opened it in puttygen and
saved it again (to convert it to putty's format), put it in pagent,
and everything works! 

Regarding the previous thread about CVS: CVS imports now work
perfectly (using the CVSUMASK, which now works because we're
using SSH instead of pserver connections).

Thank you very much to everyone who helped us getting this to 
work! This mailing list is terrific, and you guys are great! 


  david bryce
  davidbryce at

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