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Wed Feb 1 21:16:16 PST 2006

On Wed, 1 Feb 2006 23:24:47 -0500, "Clayton Scott Kern"
> What's the permissions for the .ssh directory.  I had problems in the
> past if it's not 700.  There was an entry in /var/log/messages or its
> equivalent, stating as such.
> This would come up on new systems, because I usually had to create the
> .ssh directory and the umask would cause it to have 755.
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> Clayton Scott Kern
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> UNIX System Administrator      Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher,
> FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris &      so I installed FreeBSD.

Thanks, Clayton!

It looks like someone has installed the ssh2 package on this machine
(using "pkg_add -r ssh2"). So this is not a standard freebsd ssh
installation. In fact, testing on another box with freebsd 6, I
can connect with Putty using public key authentication. Does
anyone know how to get the standard ssh to work on this machine
without upsetting things too much? It is currently running a
mail server and cvs, so I'm ginger about doing anything radical
on it. Doing a ps -ax shows that it's sshd2 that is running, and
not sshd. But the binaries ARE there for sshd. Except the 
hostkey doesn't seem to be there. Could fixing this be as simple 
as creating a hostkey for sshd as well, and running it on a 
different port than sshd2 is running on?

Thank you!



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