Compaq Integrated SmartArray Quantum DLT4000

illoai at illoai at
Wed Feb 1 20:48:20 PST 2006

On 2/1/06, RA Cohen <roy2098 at> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm running several Compaq Proliant DL360 servers, all with FBSD
> 6.0-RELEASE.
> One of these has an internal Quantum DLT 4000 (that's how the
> BIOS identifies it) tape drive. I need to use it, but can find
> no evidence of this hardware in the dmesg output.
. . .
> The system sees the integrated controller and uses ida0 to id
> it, but does not see the tape drive.

If it's anything like my old proliant, the tape drive
is on ncr0 or ncr1 (or sym[01] any of which are the
on-board scsi controllers), which do not appear to probe
on your system.  If your tape drive is cabled to
ida0 or ida1, you'll probably need to resort to the
array controller firmware or CD, depending, and
set it up from there.


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