marked as broken

Bob Ababurko bob at
Wed Feb 1 16:50:49 PST 2006

I am running 5.4 release and have come across a port that has been 
marked as broken.  The port is  pear-Archive_Tar-1.3.1 and I am 
wondering what I can do to get past this short of updating my  whole 
ports tree....which I am afraid of doing since this is a production 
machine....and because I dont have much experience doing it either.

===>  pear-Archive_Tar-1.3.1 is marked as broken: Incomplete pkg-plist.

When I try to install the package, it seems that the dependencies within 
the package are looking for a version of Apache that is off by an 
update...1.3.33 vs 1.3.34!

Not sure what would be the best way to handle brain is a mess 
today and im looking for the easiest method of getting this done...of 
which I am not choosing the correct ways today, so any help would be 


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