How I can compile math/atlas quicker?

cblasius cblasius at
Wed Feb 1 14:50:14 PST 2006

Hello !

Thank you very much for previous help ! :-) Thank you.

I have a problem. I compile /usr/ports/math/atlas and it compiling 3 
full days and it is still compiling (processor AMD 1.6 GHz). How long 
the atlas will be compile? How I can make it in shorter time? I want to 
use octave and scilab, but first I must to have atlas (as dependency).

Is it possible to turn off all the test in atlas? How I can do that? Or 
what else I must to do?  Could someone help me?
It is horrible to wait so long (for the one package atlas)!

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

I'm sorry for my English.

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