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Jacob S wrote:
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> Paul <pauls74462 at> wrote:
>>Dear FreeBSD
>>Up untill Dec 01 '05  I was a die hard MicroShaft user, too many
>>lockups and garbage caused me to search for a new OS. That is when I
>>came up with PCLOS. Then I got a web server and it runs FreeBSD. I
>>would like to use FreeBSD on my local computer so I can learn it more.
>>Is there a LiveCD for FreeBSD I looked at the web site for Freebsd
>>but was unable to be for sure what is there.
> You might try a google search. The following turned up two useful
> results in the first 3 hits for me. I have found FreeSBIE to be a good
> one (3rd result on that page).
>>I perfer a LiveCD so I can first run it on my computer before I
>>totally convert. Also when and if I convert will I lose all my
>>desktop files?
> As long as you make a backup of your desktop files, they will still be
> around when you switch to another OS. As to whether you will be able to
> use them or not, that depends on what type/format the files are.
> HTH,
> Jacob
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I'm running FreeBSD with a dual boot 
config at the moment.  Windows on one 
drive and FreeBSD on another drive.

In past installations I've had Windows 
and FreeBSD sharing a drive.

What I've found convenient is that I am 
able to access my NTFS drives from 
FreeBSD (it would seen read-only however)

FreeBSD as a desktop environment is 
quite useable.  With KDE 3.5 I'm at the 
point where I rarely need to boot into 
Windows anymore.

I can say that if you want to learn an 
OS FreeBSD makes it easier than many 
because it has so much excellent 
documentation.  Installing FreeBSD as 
your desktop OS definitly forces a 
person to learn but as you do you will 
notice it is very flexible.

--Duane Whitty

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