How does FreeBSD handle devices under /compat/linux?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed Feb 1 07:22:40 PST 2006

In the last episode (Feb 01), Joel Hatton said:
> I've gone ahead and installed linux_base-8 on 6.0 RELEASE. What I'd
> like to know is how are devices handled? For example, and this is
> crucial to my application, is it possible for a linux application to
> talk to /dev/st0, and if so how is this accomplished with no
> /compat/linux/dev directory and with devfs in operation?

I'd make a symlink from /compat/linux/dev/st0 to /dev/sa0 . That'll
work if you just want to read/write a tape.  You can't do any fancy
stuff like setting densities or block positioning, since the ioctls are
different between FreeBSD and Linux and I don't see any translation
code for MTIOCTOP in /sys/compat/linux/linux_ioctl.c .

	Dan Nelson
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