Promise SATAII150 TX2plus ok for 6.0?

Ville Lundberg freebsd at
Wed Feb 1 07:22:24 PST 2006


being quite fed up with the crappy Sil3512 SATA-controller on my
mainboard (write_dma timeouts, and just when I thought 6.0-release fixed
it, "setfeatures set transfer mode semaphore timeout"-messages is
filling my screens), I'm looking after good replacements. Browsing the
web and the mailing list archives, Promise cards have been praised. I
could get my hands on a SATAII150 TX2plus, anyone having good/bad
experiences with such a card?

To anyone new reading these lists, stay the heck out of Silicon Image
chips, especially the 3112 and 3512. But anyone hanging out on the
mailing lists for longer knows that already.

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