Dell CERC (aac driver) issue after upgrade to 6-STABLE

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Feb 1 06:48:06 PST 2006

Chris Knight <boheme at> writes:

> I just purchased a Dell PowerEdge 1800 to replace my mail server.  It
> has two 3.2 Xeon processors, 2G of ECC memory, and a Dell CERC SATA
> RAID controller with two 160G Maxtor drives in a RAID 1 mirror.  The
> Dell CERC appears to be an Adaptec RAID controller, and it is detected
> by the aac driver.
> I donwloaded the ISO for FreeBSD 6.0 i386 and installed it tonight.
> So far, so good.
> I rebuilt the RELEASE kernel with SMP options.  So far, so good.
> I synced to 6-STABLE, made world, recompiled the SMP kernel.
> Now when I reboot I get to the detection of the RAID controller and my
> screen is scrolling with the following errors:
> aac0:  COMMAND 0xc6588000 TIMEOUT AFTER 559 SECONDS
> aac0:  COMMAND 0xc6588000 TIMEOUT AFTER 579 SECONDS
> aac0:  COMMAND 0xc6588000 TIMEOUT AFTER 599 SECONDS
> Has anyone else encountered this problem?  What do I need to do to fix it?
> -Chris
> ps.  Manually loading kernel.old at boot works, so I assume it is some
> bit of new driver foo.

Well, the aac driver just (Monday) got its first changes in
RELENG_6 since the 6.0 release.  Some of those changes do involve
keeping track of timeouts.  To help solve the problems, talking
to Scott Long (scottl) would be the way to go.  [To get past the
problems right now, just back your sources out to any time before
Mon Jan 30 17:56:06 2006 UTC.]

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