The Opera browser on FreeBSD

Arjan van Leeuwen freebsd-maintainer at
Wed Dec 6 06:15:14 PST 2006

Hi Henry, others,

As of the latest weekly development release of Opera (see, it's now possible to use any Linux  
plugin in the native Opera for FreeBSD version, including Flash and  
Acrobat Reader. The feature will be included in the upcoming Opera 9.1.

For now, it'll require some actions to get it to work, but if you'd like  
to experiment with this, this might help:
0) Make sure you have the x11/linux-xorg-libs port installed.

1) Download and extract the latest weekly release for both FreeBSD and  
(FreeBSD package is for FreeBSD 6.x and requires Qt installed)

2) Copy operapluginwrapper from the Linux package over to the FreeBSD  
$ cd opera-9.10-20061205.4-shared-qt.i386.freebsd-en-507
$ cp  

Now, if you want to run the Opera weekly directly from the package without  
installing (will use a fresh, empty profile, recommended):

3) Copy within the FreeBSD package to a new location:
$ cp plugins/ bin/

4) Run Opera
$ ./opera

If instead you want to install Opera for all users (will overwrite  
existing installations and use your default profile, not recommended with  
development releases like this):

3) Run install
$ ./

4) Copy manually to the Opera binary directory
$ cp plugins/ /usr/local/share/opera/bin/

5) Run Opera
$ /usr/local/bin/opera

The actions described here do not affect Java; you'll still be able to run  
Java applets with the native version of Java (such as diablo-jdk or  

We appreciate any reports on whether this feature works as expected (or  
doesn't at all).

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:31:30 +0100, Henry Lenzi <henry.lenzi at>  

>  Thanks for you support. I have posted on the forum, on ocasion.
>  The main issues, for me, are
>  1) Java (idiablo-jdk - it doesn't work, even though the path is right);

I'm using it here - the path to use is  
/usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/jre/lib/i386/. You can post on the forum if you  
have more problems with this. It could be that you're using a package  
that's compiled for a different version of FreeBSD; use the .4 package if  
you're on FreeBSD 6.

>  2)  the Flash plugin. Is there a way to use the Linux emulation layer
> in order to get the plug-in working?

See above :)

>  3) Cyrillic fonts look small, and you can't make them bigger.

I don't know about that, but you could file a bug at

Best regards,

Arjan van Leeuwen
Opera Software

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