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On 30/08/2006 21:05, Jordi Carrillo wrote:
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>> From: Jason Morgan <jwm-freebsd-questions at sentinelchicken.net>
>> Date: 30/08/2006 16:52
>> Subject: Re: Install then reboot
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>> On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 07:58:58PM +0200, Jordi Carrillo wrote:
>>> When I compile a new program from ports, freebsd takes quite a lot of
>>> RAM.
>>> Is that something right or it's a flaw? It does happen to you? The main
>>> problem is that not all memory used in compilation is freed, so it can be
>> a
>>> problem (meaning rebooting) after compiling a very big software such as
>>> openoffice or gnome.
>> How much memory FreeBSD uses when installing a port usually depends on
>> the port. However, how are you determining that the memory is not
>> freed up after the port is done installing? Are you running into
>> situation where a huge percentage of your ram is being used during the
>> build process, which then forces the system to swap *after* the
>> install is complete? If you are determining the amount of free ram by
>> simply looking at top(1), and the system is not swapping, then I don't
>> think you have an issue. FreeBSD will free up the memory when it needs
>> it.
>> Cheer,
>> Jason
> In fact when compiling, freebsd uses lots of RAM, but then when finished, I
> don't see it frees the memory used. I see the ram consumption from the
> gnome
> system monitor. In any case, I have not payed a lot of attention since I
> haven't reach the point where freebsd has the need to use swap.
> Thanks anyway,

Basically, "free memory is wasted memory".

It's in the FAQ:



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