include format for /etc/rc.conf

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Wed Aug 30 13:25:43 UTC 2006

You might want to look at /etc/rc.conf.local, though I would consider 
just writing a script to handle what you want to do since rc.conf.local 
isn't really the FreeBSD way, seems to be more of an OpenBSD approach.

See: 'man rc'


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Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> Hey all,
> Are there any supported formats for INCLUDES in /etc/rc.conf such that I 
> can drop default configs into /etc/rc.conf and then have files in a 
> certain directory (ala includerc) override them?  Basically, I'd like to 
> do mass-updates of several dozen machines' configs normally found in 
> /etc/rc.conf, but then have per-machine configs (like hostnames) elsewhere.
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