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David Kelly dkelly at
Tue Aug 29 14:15:55 UTC 2006

On Tue, Aug 29, 2006 at 08:01:34AM +0200, regisr wrote:
> Hello,
> My computer is powered by a 32 bits CPU. I want to run a progam which
> need datasize more than 3GB (may be the data should be temporary in a
> file (but I don't wrote this software ;-) .
> Does FreeBSD 6.1 can have a mechanism to do this?

Yes, you will have to tweak a few kernel values to allow more than 512M
per process. And then have enough core RAM and swap to back your data.

> Other question: If I have less memory than 3G, is it possible to put
> the limit to 3G (~2.9 G, I need to check again the posts about this
> limit) whith swaping of course. 

Consider leaving the data on disk and simplify your problem.

> May be I should buy a 64bits computer ...

Back in the days of 8 bit computers people manipulated data greater than
64k, so with a bit of thinking and planning you should be able to do

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